Dr. Man Tak Chau

Dr. Man Tak Chau M.D.M.A., D.Ac., Dr.TCM who has practised Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1965 in Hong Kong and in Canada. Dr. Chau started his career in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China where he studied and practiced under well-known Chinese Medicine practitioners. He owned and operated his own clinic where he treated countless patients and taught numerous international students in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. He moved to Canada in 1988 where he opened the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Centre. Recognising the need for good education in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the western world, he opened the Western Canadian Institute of T.C.M. Practitioners in 1997. He strives to bring to Canada the best education in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine from China coupled with his personal experience acquired through his own practice.

Dr. Chau is the president of T.C.M. Practitioners and Acupuncturists Society (Pacific Region) and the applicant of TCM legislation of British Columbia currently he is a committee member of the TCM By-Law of College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia under the Ministry of Health, B.C, Canada. He is an honorary advisor of several international TCM associations and a member of COUNCIL IN THE WORLD FEDERATION OF CHINESE MEDINCINE SOCITETIES. He is a registered doctor of TCM British Columbia Canada in addition to being a certified acupuncturist of California, USA. Locally, he is a weekly radio talk host (1470 AM) discussing topics related to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Internationally, he has been an invited honorary member to numerous symposiums of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Contact Dr. Man-Tak Chau M.D.M.A., D.Ac., R.Ac.,Dr.TCM at:

740&760-4400 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, British Columbia
Canada V6X 3R8
Tel: (604)270-1818
Fax: (604)270-3998
E-mail: herbsctr@tcm.bc.ca


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